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We begin with a comprehensive hearing evaluation to establish a baseline.


Next, we share our findings with you
and provide you a complete report.


Finally, we review the best hearing treatment options available to you.

Estes Audiology

What People Are Saying

Our patients share their experiences on social media.

My 74 year old mother was very hesitant and anxious about having her hearing checked but she was aware she needed to get checked, long overdue. I’m so glad I took her to Estes Audiology. They were great with making her feel at ease and explaining every step of the process. It turns out that her hearing loss was significant and at Estes they were very familiar with what she has been experiencing. Kelli educated us on her options in hearing aids and the pros and cons with the different hearing devices to make sure she made the right choice within her budget.

M. Soto

My Phonak Boleros are also amazing. Headphones are not even a challenge. Riding the Captain’s chair in style. Thanks, Soriya, for keeping me connected.

K. Stedman

I went to Estes Audiology and they were very friendly, professional and honest. I was told I had a slight hearing loss in my right ear and they explained my options to move forward with a hearing aid if I wanted to enhance my hearing experiences. I am glad I went and got my new hearing aid. You don’t realize what you are missing sometimes when you have a slight hearing loss. I would recommend Estes to anyone that thinks they may have a need for a hearing aid.

L. Schwarz

Within moments of my fitting, my life changed forever! I felt as if I was hearing life for the first time. I could hear life’s little sounds like birds chirping from the backyard and even the sound of my car’s turn signal!

K. Vance

Meet the Estes Audiology Doctors

Meet the Doctor

Hear From Dr. Soriya Estes

Our practice has 5 full-time locations, making us one of the largest independent hearing aid practices in the Hill Country of Texas. Patients are welcome to visit any of our offices to see an audiologist at their convenience. We offer state-of-the-art hearing devices like the Phonak Virto B-Titanium and the Oticon Opn, along with a full range of Phonak, Oticon, and other devices. We are also hearing aid repair specialists for Resound, Siemens, Starkey, and Widex, as well as any Phonak or Oticon device.

Estes Audiology

Stages of Hearing Loss

When you visit us, our goal is to enhance your quality of life. Our offices feature the latest hearing test equipment so we can assess your hearing fully. After examining you thoroughly, a hearing specialist will help inform you on the best hearing treatment options available.


Cutting Edge Capabilities

Hearing devices such as the latest Phonak hearing aids have reached new heights recently with microprocessors to differentiate noise from speech. Some devices include Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app support for adjustments.

Works On Any Screen

Use any of the latest smart phones to control your hearing device.

Easy Adjustments

Adjust each ear to the perfect setting with just the tap of your screen.

Automatic Updates

Stay up to date with the latest advances without lifting a finger.